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Domestic & International Taxation

International Taxation

Domestic & International Taxation

We understand that tax lawsuits become complex for businesses. The businesses must meet with the tax policies and ensure that their business positions agree with the domestic & international lawsuits.

Also, the new domestic & international taxation concepts have been involved, such as POEM, GAAR, BEPS, and many more. Business individual needs legal, financial advisors to handle all the taxation policies to stand upright to public scrutiny.

Being the best taxation advisors, Acharya & Gehlot Associates understands that taxation is integral to businesses. We have a strategic approach to ensure that taxation function support adequately to the businesses. We have a dedicated team of well-informed consultants about domestic and international taxation policies.

This is why we can provide accurate structure support for the tax compliant. Our financial advisors provide the proper guidance and consultation about the taxation regimes that happen periodically and may affect the businesses. We focus on day-to-day reporting to reduce costs, minimize attribution errors and provide the correct taxes reports.

Compliance and litigation disputes are the most common risk areas where businesses need to focus. Compliance requires a huge documentation process, and we are here to assist the clients. We reduce the burden of the documentation process and ensure that clients get accurate and complete taxation documentation submission to the tax authorities.

We believe in simplifying the issues and reducing the cut down on all the litigations. We have defended clients throughout all phases of the legal process, and the cases we have handled frequently entail complicated issues.

Our knowledge is based on decades of knowledge and experience, so each case is handled with care and precision, and we take pleasure in our thorough preparation.

Our customers are well-represented before court authorities since we have a professional and devoted support staff. We’ve informed and engaged some of India’s most recognized tax counsels and professionals, and we interact with them on a regular basis.

We have an experienced team of taxation advisors who submit many challenging cases and ensure that the clients get the utmost satisfaction. Our team works seamlessly to prepare all the cases. We ensure that the clients remain well-defended and get an accurate report with all the minute details.

If you’re doing business in India, then regulatory compliances and corporate taxation are the most integral part. Since corporate taxation is constantly changing, you need to understand all the regulatory tax requirements and their impact on businesses.

It seems to be a challenging task for the business person to pace up the compliance and meet new clients simultaneously. The business world is immensely competitive. You need to build business strategies and align the tax strategies simultaneously to gain margin.

Being the best financial advisors, we know how to create tax planning for business entrepreneurs by considering the clients’ financial needs and technical resources. We have a team of tax professionals ready to assist in handling the tax regulation affairs and resolving the tax challenges.

Our experts apply creative and smart thinking to a wide range of complex tax situations. Acharya Gehlot & Associates provides complete tax consulting services tailored to the customers’ requirements, backed by the tools and knowledge of our vast research.

Our tax planning, conformity, and advisory include the complete range of tax reporting, compliance, and consulting services, ensuring that customers remain current on tax legislation and other regulatory developments.

Our approaches are both comprehensive and holistic, and we tackle everything with an understanding of the whole tax and financial picture.

Transfer pricing evolved into a daunting task as it is constantly evolving. It has a significant impact on the business and affects the tax rates. This is why businesses face many challenges in compiling taxes, documentation, and pricing policies.

With the introduction of domestic transfer pricing, these difficulties are no longer isolated to global corporations; they now affect domestic firms. Implementing the Preferential Trading Regime and the scription of safe harbor criteria on the regulatory front can help companies bring more clarity to the transfer pricing concerns.

Acharya Gehlot & Associates is one of the best transfer pricing practitioner with financial advisors specializing in handling the structure assignment and complex advisory that covers the multiple tax authorities across the globe. Our team can assist in tax planning, benchmarking, compliance services and many more.

We work by considering the clients’ needs and developing transfer pricing statements that are arguable and flexible. The strategies that we follow include:

  • Transfer pricing study report
  • Transfer pricing planning
  • Audit & certification
  • Litigation support

DTAA refers to the Double Tax Avoidance Agreement, which is essential for the bilateral agreement when doing business between two different countries. We also provide the DTAA advisory for the esteemed clients to overcome the double taxation problems based on their business expenditures and income source in both countries.

Our team also withholds the tax issues and other compliance. We always provide the authorities with work about the remittances that must be evaluated based on the country’s remittance.


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