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Business Support Services

It is vital to collect meaningful financial data in global business economies and make the right decisions to stay progressive. The business world is competitive, and you cannot stand on the top all the time by following old-school financial principles.

We understand that so many businesses do have access to the accounting system, which offers real-time analytical data from different accounting software within which an entity’s data is stored.

At Acharya Gehlot & Associates, we have excellence in the decision-making process and support business comprehensively. We help businesses by making a robust accounting system and adhering to the working principles to boost business success.

Acharya Gehlot & Associates offers services including such document design using software already in use at the company and services to standardize the accounting framework and create controllers in the system that ensures data integrity.

SAP, Tally ERP, and other Indian and overseas accounting systems are all familiar to our employees. We guarantee that accounts are kept in line with domestic and international disclosure rules. Our staff reviews, analyses, and flags any possible concerns to guarantee prompt remediation.

Acharya Gehlot & Associates has an experienced team of financial advisors ready to assist companies entering from foreign in India jurisdiction. We assist them in growing and taking their business towards profitability by taking the virtual CFO roles. We also have excellence in delivering the following services such as-

  • Process outsourcing
  • Complete financial outsourcing
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Mentoring of the accounting staff
  • Set up of the accounting systems and other charts of accounts
  • Establishment of the banking relationships

We set up, administer, and ensure that employees’ payroll is processed quickly and accurately. We also help create new guidelines to establish HR policies by Indian labor standards and welfare payments such as health coverage and claim management.

We help with regulatory requirements and provide important advice on critical issues arising from numerous rules established by the federal, state, and local governments. We provide organizations with a one-stop shop solution for managing the intricacies of many compliances via a single interface.

We do a specialized activity in a full diagnostic examination of a company’s operations to discover compliance gaps, hazards, and mitigation solutions. This aids in developing financial regulation and gives the administration, the Board of Directors, stakeholders, and accountants peace of mind.


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