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Corporate Advisory Services

Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory Services

We do offer corporate advisory services to clients.

The marketplace is extremely competitive, and Acharya Gehlot & Associates is always ready to assist their valued clientele and assets with the understanding and necessities of the involved stakeholders. Valuation options may require a mix of experience, analysis and professional judgment. The team of the Acharya Gehlot & Associates provides valuation services that are characterized by the advice, independent, absolute commitment and valuation advice to provide the right services.

We have the international reach, industry-specific experience, and our country reach, so you can rely on the services to meet the needs of the valuation. Our professional tax advisors possess deep financial capabilities, robust industry expertise, and valuation expertise.

Acharya Gehlot & Associates also implements a holistic approach with the leading industrial sectors and has local country knowledge to address the issues quickly. We are here to help the companies to identify, realize and measure their assets by offering supported valuations.

Our team follows a strong procedure that is completely aligned with global practices. We follow a 360-degree approach to view the valuation requirements.

Mergers and Acquisitions become the essential process worldwide for businesses that need rapid growth. This helps to improve the business operation efficiency to generate better capital and also help to improve the economy of the countries.

Economic growth is no exception, and it is one of the most attractive M&A destinations in the world. In combination with liberalized FDI criteria and a strong government, changes in tax legislation will only stimulate more outstanding inward and outbound capital throughout time.

Acharya Gehlot & Associates has advanced knowledge about the marketing trend and opportunities, so we are helping the clients in making strategic growth and identifying suitable targets. We make a strategic approach to negotiate the terms and potential transaction structure that matters.

We have the most talented self-governing advisory team analyzing the risk and creating a strategic financial rationale for the proposed transaction. We assist in evaluating, identifying, executing the acquisitions with exceptional values. Our team has experience in acquiring strategic and financial transactions including the cross borders such as:

  • Severe prospect screening
  • Strategic analysis of the potential achievement
  • Approach the targeted prospects
  • Valuation of the prospect and acquirer
  • Transaction negotiation
  • Cultural sensitivity in the cross border and other transactions
  • Managing the due meticulousness

Acquisitions and mergers have proven to be the most significant contributors to the expansion of the Indian economy. In today’s business world, we can’t neglect the competition. The corporates must think out of the box and act fast to stay competitive without transcending geographical boundaries.

There is an intense need for the diligence processes’ quality, depth, and timeliness to liberalize the norms to facilitate acquisitions and mergers. We have the experience of diligence undertaking in a wide variety of transaction sizes for various industries.

We comply with the client’s tax exposures and assess finances and bring deep insight into the targeted company’s operation, structures, human resources, culture, customer relationship, supplier and competitive positioning. However, the taxation laws are similar for business corporations.

We follow a holistic and in-depth approach to understanding the client’s business ethics in most cases. We also deliver the risk adjustment optimization by following precise tax structuring advice.

Our team follows contemporary methodologies that give us a better understanding of the targeted companies. This is also helpful to integrate the business process and target the customers.


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