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Audit & Assurance Services

Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance Services

The needs have been tremendously increased. Auditing and Assurance is one of the complex processes. As technology changes, it becomes crucial to pace up the auditing process with technology to bring value to the business. Auditors act as the bridge linkage between the trusted advisors and the financial reporting chain.

At Acharya Gehlot & Associates, we boast the advanced technology and tools to ensure quality auditing and continually explore new ways to understand the concerns of stakeholders related to privacy, performance, control, risk and other forms of data analysis.

The auditing and assurance begin with identifying the major risk areas and operations. Our team has experience handling various attest functions of the business corporates and various other niches where we conduct the functions to premise the best services. This is why the stakeholders believe in our services.

We have a dedicated team of financial advisors and auditors who work closely with the client to comply with the standards on auditing, accounting standards, regulatory compliance and many other provisions. Our team has expertise in resolving the most complicated issues in International financial reporting standards, to GAAP financials and from Interpreting complex accounting standards to Indian accounting standards with our legislation, standards and regulations.

Many corporates and businesses think of the statutory as a challenging task. But the importance of the statutory audit has been increased with continuous changes in the business environment, reporting under the corporate governance, increase in the disclosures in financial statements and integratory reporting.

We understand that stakeholders have a lot of expectations from statutory auditors. Thus, to help the business corporates, we provide the best statutory audit services. Our team of auditors constantly upgrades their skills to address the issues in better ways.

We carry out the functional auditing approach to audit. The audited financial statements of our customers have not only held up to close inspection but have also established pillars of openness.

Statutory audits are performed to inform the Indian government about a company’s financial performance and accounts. We have an experienced team of qualified auditors who can provide the audit report by following the rules & regulations of the ICAI and Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Information technologies these days are extremely important for business organizations. Information technology has a tight linkage with internal controls, financial reporting processes and other relevant IT systems. Whatever be the financial reporting processes followed in the business organizations, these all result from the IT systems.

We streamline the audit report and approach to the broad spectrum of operating systems software applications and specialize in many other operational requirements.

Companies can leverage our auditing service as we are ready to help the clients and evaluate how their IT environment excellently maintains data integrity, safeguards assets, and operates effectively.

Internal audit is essential for enhancing the functioning of business firms. This helps achieve the business goals by following the right methodological approach to check the business efficiency and risk evaluation. The internal audit has widened the scope within the business organizations and emphasizes effective functioning, inspecting, financial collaterals accuracy, protecting assets, and discouraging fraud. We use the companies’ resources and policies for auditing.

On behalf of the people and tightly guarded companies, non – government capital firms, federal agencies, municipal governments, NGOs, and HNIs/industries, Acharya Gehlot & Associate conducts financial investigation and prosecution of improper conduct, extortion, and thievery, with a primary focus on evaluating monetary operations, accounting fraud, and regulatory concerns. Examining and evaluating a company’s financial data to utilize it as evidence in courts of justice, our subject matter specialists are well competent to deal with such difficulties.

Management auditing is a systematic assessment of management decisions and activities. It entails an examination of administrative factors such as organizational purposes, strategies, processes, hierarchy, supervision, and framework to evaluate the company’s efficiency or effectiveness over the Company’s operations.

Acharya Gehlot & Associate’s well-trained personnel provide Management Internal audits. Our management auditing services are designed to improve the efficacy of the enterprise’s organizational processes and choices.

We have the leading team of financial reporting specialists cum Charted Accountants. They have extensive knowledge about financial reporting under the accounting framework, including SFRS, IFRS, IndAS and multiple jurisdictions. Our team actively monitors the auditing accounting rules and addresses the clients’ requirements. We make sure to address reporting challenges, complex accounting, and others.


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